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Many of us have heard of Wikipedia. Even more of us have heard and used Google Map’s functionality. Sure, sure, they’re both really cool. But what would happen if we left them alone in a closet together for a few minutes after playing spin-the-bottle? Would we end up seeing something like WikiMapia?

WikiMapia is quite similar to Google Maps, but it allows anyone to contribute, like Wikipedia. I personally added Earl Marriott and Peace Arch schools in the little town of White rock.

Another interesting application of AJAX, social networking and raw satellite data. Man I love collaboration! Check out the local White Rock attractions and add your own references. They’re vetted before being published. Or go to some other large city you’re interested in and see what other people know about the city.

This post is in honour of the Georgia Straight’s annual Best of Vancouver issue. A great idea that can now be tried globally using WikiMapia.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Describe The World – WikiMapia”

  1. Other then being a web based application, how is this different then Google earth? I thought Google earth has the ability for the community to add content.

  2. I’m not familiar with Google Earth so I can’t say in terms of functionality. But WikiMapia is nice because it requires nothing more than a browser on the client whereas Google Earth requires something installed. I’m all for cross-platform when it comes to collaboration.

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