Beware Tornadoes!

In September 2014 the teachers were on strike, and my children, for some unknown reason, were getting very nervous about tornadoes.  The results?  Video projects!

Marley was first, and hers is definitely the more informative of the triumvirate.  Straight from the news deck …

Cohen was up next.  Marley took over as videographer for this one.  Still a little informative, but mostly fun.  Everybody needs a good PSA …

Finally Roxanne’s contribution, with Marley as videographer again.  We riffed on the idea of videos being informative, and created our own midday TV show segment.  Now back to the show …


That longer blooper was showing a moment where Marley thought she had stopped recording, and then tried starting again but in fact just stopped it 🙂  It also gave you a little insight into the massive behind-the-scenes work going on.  Those kids are troopers for putting up with the pushy, demanding, kinda-mean director!

5 thoughts on “Beware Tornadoes!”

  1. Wow! What an amazing reporting montage from White Rock. I must have missed it from the news in September. Better late than never!

    I am really happy to see that you kids are having fun with your dad like that.

    Thanks for the many smiles and laughter I had from watching you all put this together.

    Sending my love to each and every one of you from Maui!

  2. Great to see the kids having so much fun learning about tornadoes. Teacher/director did an amazing job too. I know how many hours of work it took to produce this news segment. You should really send it to CTV Vancouver weather man. He’d love it too. Wow can’t believe how much they have grown. Lovely to see them.

    Jason attended Nana’s School camp for the three weeks. We used water guns to measure distances; sorted my button collection into a zillion categories(funny ones were turtle backs, belly buttons, even found 6 and 9 holed buttons); and major fun with learning about magnets. Reading, writing, drawing and math of course.

    Thanks for sharing this video with me. Have a great 2015. Love Audrey/Aiya

  3. Wow !!!!1 I have learned a great deal about tornadoes from the three presentations, all 3 of which were excellent. Aunty Audrey’s suggestion of e-mailing a copy to CTV is a great idea and if you have the time I second the motion.

    Well done to the photographer and the Director.

    Thanks for sharing this video with me.

  4. Great job! I especially liked the “bloopers”.
    You must have spent considerable time and effort to produce this informative video.
    I just showed your three videos to Kolton and Kyron (they are visiting for Christmas) and they enjoyed them also.
    Marley, you had better find the start/stop button for next time.
    Merry Christmas from the Youngers (not in Maui, in Golden).

  5. Wow, amazing work you guys! That looked like so much fun to work on together and it was certainly fun to watch as well. Thanks for the smiles and laughs. And for all the great information too 🙂
    Lotsa love to you all from the Currans xo

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