Beware Tornadoes!

In September 2014 the teachers were on strike, and my children, for some unknown reason, were getting very nervous about tornadoes.  The results?  Video projects!

Marley was first, and hers is definitely the more informative of the triumvirate.  Straight from the news deck …

Cohen was up next.  Marley took over as videographer for this one.  Still a little informative, but mostly fun.  Everybody needs a good PSA …

Finally Roxanne’s contribution, with Marley as videographer again.  We riffed on the idea of videos being informative, and created our own midday TV show segment.  Now back to the show …


That longer blooper was showing a moment where Marley thought she had stopped recording, and then tried starting again but in fact just stopped it 🙂  It also gave you a little insight into the massive behind-the-scenes work going on.  Those kids are troopers for putting up with the pushy, demanding, kinda-mean director!

Lighter Fair – They’re On The Job!

Now here’s a nice/nasty Best Man’s prank on the groom – a pressure sensitive pad on the marital bed that tweets when the newlyweds “get it on”.  How long until this guy’s real identity is found out?

Of course in today’s world, do we have any proof that this isn’t just a brilliant new social advertising campaign by the manufacturer of these devices?

Design By Committee

As a designer I think big business and committees are the way to go for design decisions.  How can you really get to the right product if you don’t talk to your stakeholders and solidly capture their needs in the product?  How many users?  Well, all of them!  Can we tweak it a little more, just add one little thing to make it more “usable”?  But let the committee make these decisions, its a recipe for success!  The designer, well, they’re too artistic and aren’t in touch with the real users.

I love the “briefing”.  50% are women, 50% are men.  We’re not targetting all drivers, just women.  Men are being targetted “secondarily”.