Testing Video Codecs – What Is Working For You?

As we’re finally figuring out how to take video from our camera, resize it down for web access, and post it here and I am finding it quite bewildering as to the options involved in video capture and display. As an example, look at the Wikipedia article on Xvid – that chart down the bottom actually simplifies things!

So in that spirit, I’d like to hear who can play what. I have a choice to make and I want to choose a video format that most people can play. My platform naturally lets me play pretty much anything, but I understand you poor Windows users are having trouble. So please, let me know in comments which videos work for you below.

Xvid video (2.3 MB)

MPEG-4 video (2.2 MB)

Well, it seems Windows users will need to install the Xvid codec in order to view the videos. Xvid is a free, open source alternative to DivX, a proprietary and popular video codec. Feel free to install DivX if you want, but given the choice I’m going to stick to Xvid. You can download a Windows and MacOS plugin here.

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