April Fools!

Ah, gratification. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the concerned emails pop up in my Inbox from friends who visited theBside on or around April 1st this year. They were greeted with a simple page claiming that the owner of this site (that would be me) was under investigation for piracy by the CRIA. Here’s the fake page cooked up.

So to those of you who bit – GOTCHA!

4 thoughts on “April Fools!”

  1. Sigh. You’re a cruel man, Kirk. I was thinking “how the hell can they manage to over-ride his site and replace it with their own little message? Maybe all of Kirk’s ranting and raving about the music industry is justified.” Now I know better.

  2. That’s funny. CRIA has been made aware of your music sharing and views on how they operate. That’s funny too!

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