An Online Music Store That Gets It –

Has anyone heard of before? Wow, I just discovered it and I am impressed. I made a purchase within 30 minutes of finding the site. Not only are they a Canadian record label that lets artists sell directly to their fans, but they also offer FLAC versions of the albums, meaning lossless. No DRM. Bundled album art. This is, frankly, perfect!

I’ve been struggling with how my CD habit is having such a negative impact on not only my house space (or lack thereof) but also the environment – all those jewel cases are not exactly environmentally friendly. Zunior offers immediate download of either MP3 (192 kbps quality) or lossless (FLAC) albums – no packaging other than what you print out or back up to. I get the album artwithout the need to store away hundreds upon hundreds of plastic cases with paper sleeves.

Price is set for MP3 albums at $8.88 CDN. FLAC versions add $2 CDN. Cheaper than a CD!

I’m sold – this is it. If you’re at all curious I suggest you take a look. Here’s the link to the album I bought (free preview of the songs of course) – just follow the suggestions below the track listing, browse around. This is the first online music store that I can whole-heartedly get behind. No reservations at all!

Well, OK, just one reservation. You can only download your purchases for up to 14 days after buying them. Sure you can do it 1000 times, but only 2 weeks? The Nettwerk store lets me re-download over a year later (but they limit it to 3 downloads total). But that’s the worst of it. Oh, and no PST – GST only (unless you’re not Canadian, then there’s no tax at all).

I think I’m starting to gush, so I’ll just ask that you check it out if you’re at all interested in buying Canadian music.

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