Viral Marketing … For A Charitable Donation?

BC Hydro has taken a strange approach to its holiday charitable donation this year.  There’s a neat little animated Flash “game” you can play on their site (at least I think it is their site) and each time it is played, they’ll donate 25 cents to the BC Children’s Hospital.

It all sounds great, but I can’t seem to find any note about this on their main page.  They seem to be relying on viral marketing techniques to get the word out (to which I am now officially contributing).  Strange if their intention is to maximize their charitable donation this year … you’d think they would blast this on their main page.  Oh wait, the small print says a maximum of$5,000.00 will be donated.  Someone must have a reason for this …

Anyhow, over 575,000 coins have dropped so far so I guess things seem to be working.  I honestly thought it was some kind of scam at first … it all just strikes me as odd.

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