Dogs vs. Cats

I was down at the beach today, nursing my swollen toe and watching Dazy running around trying frantically to catch up with one of the seagulls or ducks. Watching her have so much fun, it occurred to me why dogs are simply better pets than cats. No, I won’t hear another argument about it – the debate is finally settled.

Dogs remind us that there are simple pleasures in life. In fact, they make it so easy to let them have the time of their life that you end up feeling like a better person for inciting such joy in another living animal. Sure it’s somewhat self-centered, but I can’t see how a cat owner can compete with that sense of accomplishment. Cats by their very nature are independent and distant – looking for affection when and if it suits them. And when (if) you finally do seem to make them happy they take on the attitude that it was their due, and that you’ve simply delivered them what they had coming naturally. Dogs on the other hand are much more obvious about their gratitude.

Being able to incite joy and happiness in others is something to be proud of, and taking a dog for a walk on the beach gets you much closer to that ideal than playing with a cat and string.

2 thoughts on “Dogs vs. Cats”

  1. I never actually saw reason for a debate and wondered what those cat people were on about, but I humoured them by making arguments in favour of dogs, or more often, against cats. Anyway, this ends it all — whenever the topic comes up again I’ll say “just go to” Thanks man .

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