What’s Playing On Your Bside?

I’d like to throw out an idea and see if anyone is interested.

I want to help you discover new music.

Here’s my pitch – you send me a list of 3 songs you think are the bee’s knees and I’ll send back to you a playlist of songs that I think you’ll really dig. The B side of your own playlist, as it were.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Playing On Your Bside?”

  1. Great photo of Marley, wow!

    Great idea on the music too Kirk :0)

    Pendulum – Sarah Harmer
    Naked as we came – John Butler Trio
    Train in the Rain – Bruce Cockburn

  2. Oooooh. Here goes, although only three is tough.

    Hallelujah — K-Os
    Rebellion (Lies) — Arcade Fire
    The Traitor — Leonard Cohen

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