A Great Example of How To Do It Right

I just came home to a wonderfully delivered package in the mail. I recently splurged and bought a digital boxed set. What’s that? Well, Zunior.com – a music store that I think “Gets It” – offered up the entire Great lake Swimmer’s catalogue (at the time) on a USB memory stick – the GLS Digital Box Set. They included a video, band road photos, covers, 2 albums and an E.P.

This is how it should be – $40.00 delivered to my door, carried upon a 512 MB USB drive. Value, convenience, and great music.  Go support Zunior.com.

No, I am not an employee (yet – do you know if they’re hiring because I think they’re that great).

2 thoughts on “A Great Example of How To Do It Right”

  1. 2 albums = $20
    1 EP = ?
    Video = ?
    Band photos = ?
    2 Zunior compilation albums = ?
    10 Weework songs = ?
    512 MB USB drive = $25
    Supporting a Canadian band = ?
    Supporting DRM-free digital downloads = ?

    I feel I got a great value. If the lossy format bothers you, feel free to buy the flac. Once I get the songs uploaded you can take a listen to decide if you like or not. Zunior lets you sample too. I already have their 2007 album up – Ongiara. Pretty representative I’d say.

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