Today’s Music Just Sounds Louder – Doesn’t It?

I know, I know. Call me an old codger – but don’t you agree? Whatever happened to those albums that you needed world-cancelling earphones on to properly enjoy? The ones that had suble nuances and sounds that only in total silence could you properly enjoy the album? Today’s music all just seems too … maxxed out.

I’m not making this up, really. The digital production of albums today allows producers to really tweak how an album sounds before being pressed on to CDs. They’re able to adjust any and all aspects of the songs – and they do. Some claim they are mastering the CDs louder so that the songs stick out on the radio when played. Trouble is – everyone is doing it. Think I’m making this up? Check out this example analysis of the most recent Depeche Mode album. And I agree with the author – that album does sound overwhelming loud, losing any ability to convey suble sounds and to use volume to help support song structure or tempo.

Makes me want to go buy a record player and switch to vinyl.

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