Canada’s Most Controversial Music Video – Thank You!

I’ve been a big fan of Hayden as a musician for many, many years now. I’ve never really thought his videos were much to speak of though, so I stopped watching for them. His latest album (which is excellent) includes the lead track “Where and When”, and CBC Radio 3’s R3TV showcased it last week. And rightfully so. Hayden introduces it and its premise, we get a glimpse of the Radio3 people’s reactions to it, and the video rolls.

Now, the video itself is actually a fabulously created and delivered observation on today’s video obsessed Internet culture. Through it I learned about another video that this one is riffing off of called “2 Girls 1 Cup“. After reading about the video I understand how it could become so notorious in Internet-land, and heartily recommend that you don’t even try to find a copy of it – it is disgusting and the epitome of all that is bad with Internet video. I stopped trying to find a copy once I read that Wikipedia description, as that was enough for me (and any sane, normal person).

So Hayden has caught part of this video’s momentum and created a video that looks back at those who are watching these kinds of things, at those who are surfing YouTube looking for a certain type of video. He reflects on the state of music on the Internet and in concert halls. He poses questions about who is the audience and who is the performer. Maybe I’m seeing more in this video than I should be, but damnit I really like it. Heck, I love. OK, fine, I think you should go watch it. Oh, and the tune is mighty fine so don’t think you’ll be losing time or anything.

Here’s a link, where you can also see all the previous episodes of R3TV – a podcast that I firmly believe deserves a lot more attention and love than it currently receives.

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