OK, before they escape my mind, a few things I wanted to post but couldn’t during october because of the downtime.

  1. Not a single response to my federal election email asking for comments from all candidates.  Not a single peep.
  2. My creativity goals have been challenging – I not only can’t play guitar yet, but I’ve actually forgotten the one chord I did know.  I have, however, drawn a lot more this year.  Here’s a quick sketch I drew in the spring for a super hero: “The Kegler Elf”.  For those of you who don’t get the name, go read wikipedia.  The unicycle is his hero vehicle, as his special power is that he can claps things in his inner thighs really tightly – super tightly.  So he can do cool things like … hang upside down from helicopters and … ride unicycles like a crazed chicken elf.

2 thoughts on “Quickies”

  1. It’s a play on words … referencing the Keebler Elves. Superheroes/villians always seem to have names that resemble normal names, but with a twist. The Flash, The Green Lantern, The Thing, etc. The movie Mystery Men really emphasized that – the Shoveller for example.

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