High Def – Scam or Saviour?

I know the world is going to high definition TVs.  I know it!  But I’ve been refusing to capitulate to the capitalistic calls – so far.  But my strength is waning …

My issue is that buying a HD TV means I then have to get some HD content.  That means a new digital box from my cable company, or hacking some antenna together to try to capture some of the HD channels floating over the air.  I’d also want to get a HD disc player, which means Blu-Ray.  And then there’s the expensive cables, etc.  All in all, moving to HD means a completely new television ecosystem within the house – not a cheap proposition.

But then there are soothing, affirming articles such as this one at PC World, that claims that 1 in 5 of those HD television watchers can’t actually tell the difference betwen high def and standard def.  Now that just warms my cockles.

Take that Capitalism!

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