Great Poem From The Bus

Translink has a few feet of ad space on some buses dedicated to getting Canadian poets “published” or at least noticed.  One day last summer I read this poem and thought it absolutely wonderful.  Now I think I’m going to add the poet’s book to my list of interesting books to buy.

Excerpt from “Had I Stayed On The Farm” by David Zieroth

I married the skinny girl

and our kids ran free as chickens

one of them, the second boy

moving along the ditches for days

trapping muskrats and living on chokeberries and bulrushes

sleeping by a little fire of sticks

wrapped in his jacket, and we hardly noticed

he was gone until he returned

as someone else, burnt and smoky

his sisters silenced by the strides he took

to reach the pump, his hands

a mesh of little nicks and cuts where

the cries of the animals had entered him

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