Tragedy of the Common and Shifting the Burden

I recently attended a brief workshop on environmental issues and systems thinking.  There I was introduced to two labels that really resonated for me:  labels for problems we’re facing in this world.  Things I know are wrong, but haven’t been able to put into words easily.  These ideas captured some of those scattered thoughts.

Tragedy of the Commons

Shifting the Burden

Now Here’s An Interesting Idea – Solar Roadways

Solar roadways – replacing asphalt with solar panels.  $100,000 grant in the US to give it a try.  All sorts of comments on Slashdot (surprised?).

The Solar Road Panels will contain embedded LEDs which “paint” the road lines from beneath to provide safer nighttime driving, as well as to give up to the minute instructions (via the road) to drivers (i.e. “detour ahead”). The road will be able to sense wildlife on the road and can warn drivers to “slow down”. There will also be embedded heating elements in the surface to prevent snow and ice buildup, providing for safer winter driving. This feature packed system will become an intelligent highway that will double as a secure, intelligent, decentralized, self-healing power grid which will enable a gradual weaning from fossil fuels.

McKesson’s Environmental Council Featured in Article

I’m proud to say that I am a co-founder and current chairperson of the Medical Imaging Group’s Environmental Council.  Proud because my actions are having a positive influence on McKesson at large.  I’m part of a change within McKesson that I wanted to see.   Apparently wanted to know more.

You must be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Slugs vs. Nematodes

Apparently slug problems can be solved by bringing in specific soil-dwelling roundworms called nematodes.  Natural frenemies, the nematodes will help “edumacate” the slugs to the way things work in your garden.

See this here tomatos plant?  Yeah, you don’t touch that no more.  Them lupins?   Fuhgeddaboutit!

Neat Vancouver Business Idea – Reusable Moving Boxes

I was just made aware of Frogbox: a neat business idea brewing in Vancouver – provide a service to people that includes reusable moving boxes, a dolley, and pick-up/delivery at your house.

They even have a sustainability-related conservation message/donation policy!

If you’re moving in Vancouver or Seattle, I’d suggest checking them out rather than looking around for old carboard boxes.  They’ve taken the sustainability idea all the way, including bio-diesel powered trucks to deliver and pickup the empty boxes.