2001 – 2011: The Best Decade of My Life (So Far)

Today Alisa and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.  There are no words to describe what a wonderful, full, and rewarding time this past decade has been.  We have come a long way from being those innocent kids exchanging rings in the rain at Cecil Green.

Alisa and Kirk cutting their wedding cake

Our next decade together promises to be overflowing with joy, laughter, love, and passion. I’m honoured to be your husband and partner as we continue our lives together (just as destiny has decreed, naturally).

One thought on “2001 – 2011: The Best Decade of My Life (So Far)”

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

    What a lovel surpise on this rainy oct. day to find this post,
    the good news, it didn’t take 10 years to see it,
    and it was a lovely surprise,
    the bad news,
    shame on me for not keeping a more attentive eye on my loving, fascinating, intelligent, cutey patootie, husband-
    ps- Love you, looking forward to the next decade too!!!

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