I’ve Gone Loco – Triathlon Style

Alisa’s passion for fitness has, at times, made me think she is slightly loco (or so I’ve joked).  It seems to be catchy though – with her subtle prompting I’ve decided to train for a triathlon.

I’m thinking of working up to an Olympic distance for my first time – I have 20 weeks or so before the UBC Triathlon so that might be my first one.

I’ve been training since mid Sept and have discovered my strongest and weakest legs.  Strongest is definitely swimming, which surprised me.  I haven’t done a lot of swimming in the last decade.  My weakest is the other two.  I can’t tell which one is worse yet.  Or put another way, I can’t tell which one I can improve the most.  I suspect biking – right now I’m biking at a pace of 2 hours for the 40km, and that’s a lot of biking.

I’ve been tracking my training in a spreadsheet that I hope to publish in some way, to help with accountability (nothing like public shaming to motivate!).  Stay tuned.

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