Alisa and I Are Now “Real” Triathletes

In early September Alisa and I participated in an Olympic length Trithlon at Cultus Lake.  Yup – we did that.

Back in March when I completed my sprint length tri at UBC Alisa was already gearing up for her first sprint in the North Shore race.  After my race I was a little uncertain about wanting to go full on for a full tri as there was a lot of training involved just to get me ready for a sprint.  I couldn’t imagine how much training would be needed to get my ready to double the sprint distance and survive (that last part is important to me).

Alisa though was convinced that we had to do a full tri, and that we had to do it together.  I remained unconvinced but in the end caved in because I just like to make her happy.

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Triathlon Results – Not Bad for a New Guy

Well that wasn’t so hard, now was it?  I mean showing up at the Triathlon and signing in – the event seemed very well organized.  The actual work though, well, that was tough.  But not too tough.  Here are the numbers and then I’ll lay out some details,

Overall Time 1:48:50.92
Overall Place 185/240
Rank in Age Group 11/16

Specific details such as leg times and ranks are found in the overall results.  Not much of note there other than that my swim time was quite good overall.

The overall results compare me to everyone, which might be a little unfair in some people’s eyes. Thankfully the race results for my age range (M3539) are available too.  So the details ….

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Here We Go!

It is the eve of my first Sprint Triathlon.  I have taken to calling it a “Sprint Triathlon” as I feel like I’m not telling the whole truth if I say just “Triathlon”.  In any event, I’m looking forward to getting my feet wet … and then my whole body, and then traipsing out into almost freezing rain to straddle a bike.

No seriously.  I’ve been working towards this day since September.  Proof is in the pudding as they say … here you can see my training log.  The grey blocks represent workouts that are “bricks”, or workouts that are done in succession to one another.

As you might be able to see I switched gears mid-October.  I stopped following my plan for running an Olympic distance at UBC.  I ended up missing so many days due to illness that sticking to the plan felt ridiculous.  Then at the beginning of February I decided to go for a UBC sprint triathlon and set myself back on track with a planned workout.  I find it much easier to follow a training plan than to just “workout”.

So I have my gloves packed (2 pairs with different weights), my wet bag contents separated from my cycle transition bag, and am going to bed early.  I’ve had my dinner of pasta, and my kids are asleep as they’re getting up early to come watch part of the race.

Overall I have enjoyed the training immensely, and will consider what training to do going forward soon enough.  Right now if I don’t do some workout within a 2 day period I start to feel restless.  It’s a different kind of sick, but it feels good.

Oh, and my goal?  I’m really just here for the fun of it.  I’d like to make sure I finish in under 2 hours, but secretly hope I can shave some minutes off that time somewhere.  We’ll see how the race feels.

It’s Pretty … But SRYSLY?!?

Less than a week to go before my first sprint triathlon. I’ve done the distances on my own but am getting a bit nervous about the hustle-bustle of race day. What if I forget to pack something in my “wet bag”? What if I blow a tire? Should I carry a spare? Should I get fenders or would the weight just slow me down? All these worry voices (as Alisa calls them) remind me that I tend to be a worrier in new situations. So I’m trying to focus on just relaxing, or ignoring the pending race.

One worry voice I’m having trouble ignoring though is the one yelling in my ear “Hey, you’re going to die due to extreme weather!” The forecast is for rain, and a dipping in temperatures towards the weekend. Then there’s the whole risk of snow. Seriously? Snow in March?

So this was an unwelcome “gift” this morning – though it is certainly pretty.

I’ve Gone Loco – Triathlon Style

Alisa’s passion for fitness has, at times, made me think she is slightly loco (or so I’ve joked).  It seems to be catchy though – with her subtle prompting I’ve decided to train for a triathlon.

I’m thinking of working up to an Olympic distance for my first time – I have 20 weeks or so before the UBC Triathlon so that might be my first one.

I’ve been training since mid Sept and have discovered my strongest and weakest legs.  Strongest is definitely swimming, which surprised me.  I haven’t done a lot of swimming in the last decade.  My weakest is the other two.  I can’t tell which one is worse yet.  Or put another way, I can’t tell which one I can improve the most.  I suspect biking – right now I’m biking at a pace of 2 hours for the 40km, and that’s a lot of biking.

I’ve been tracking my training in a spreadsheet that I hope to publish in some way, to help with accountability (nothing like public shaming to motivate!).  Stay tuned.

Rollerblading Across Canada

Rich Ralph is rollerblading across Canada to raise cancer research funds.  He’s winding up the trip in the next few days and is passing through White Rock today.

He has raised almost $40,000 for research mostly through personal donations by people – he hasn’t seen many corporate donations apparently, though Boston Pizza is sponsoring his trip.

His story is inspiring, and I’m curious how I’ve only just now heard about it – when reading my local newspaper.  Then again I don’t think I watch TV or listen to the radio, so perhaps I’m no longer in touch with media enough to hear about things?  Has anyone else heard about his trek before now?

NHL Gives You A Digital Choice

I’m not a hockey fan myself, but I have a few friends who are. Anyone interested in catching an in-season hockey game that for some reason they couldn’t watch live? Maybe you’d like to review a few key moments? The NHL wants to help you out.

NHL Interactive Cyber Enterprises (ICE), the digital arm of the National Hockey League (NHL), today announced a multi-year deal to provide NHL video content to Google Video. The NHL will provide in-season full-length games on delay to Google Video at Google also will receive select NHL classic games.

That last little bit there is perhaps the most interesting part of the announcement … for example maybe you want to look back on the 1994 Stanley Cup final: Canucks @ Rangers?

One caveat – this stuff is only free (and add-free) for the first two weeks of November. Get it while you can!