It’s Pretty … But SRYSLY?!?

Less than a week to go before my first sprint triathlon. I’ve done the distances on my own but am getting a bit nervous about the hustle-bustle of race day. What if I forget to pack something in my “wet bag”? What if I blow a tire? Should I carry a spare? Should I get fenders or would the weight just slow me down? All these worry voices (as Alisa calls them) remind me that I tend to be a worrier in new situations. So I’m trying to focus on just relaxing, or ignoring the pending race.

One worry voice I’m having trouble ignoring though is the one yelling in my ear “Hey, you’re going to die due to extreme weather!” The forecast is for rain, and a dipping in temperatures towards the weekend. Then there’s the whole risk of snow. Seriously? Snow in March?

So this was an unwelcome “gift” this morning – though it is certainly pretty.

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