Here We Go!

It is the eve of my first Sprint Triathlon.  I have taken to calling it a “Sprint Triathlon” as I feel like I’m not telling the whole truth if I say just “Triathlon”.  In any event, I’m looking forward to getting my feet wet … and then my whole body, and then traipsing out into almost freezing rain to straddle a bike.

No seriously.  I’ve been working towards this day since September.  Proof is in the pudding as they say … here you can see my training log.  The grey blocks represent workouts that are “bricks”, or workouts that are done in succession to one another.

As you might be able to see I switched gears mid-October.  I stopped following my plan for running an Olympic distance at UBC.  I ended up missing so many days due to illness that sticking to the plan felt ridiculous.  Then at the beginning of February I decided to go for a UBC sprint triathlon and set myself back on track with a planned workout.  I find it much easier to follow a training plan than to just “workout”.

So I have my gloves packed (2 pairs with different weights), my wet bag contents separated from my cycle transition bag, and am going to bed early.  I’ve had my dinner of pasta, and my kids are asleep as they’re getting up early to come watch part of the race.

Overall I have enjoyed the training immensely, and will consider what training to do going forward soon enough.  Right now if I don’t do some workout within a 2 day period I start to feel restless.  It’s a different kind of sick, but it feels good.

Oh, and my goal?  I’m really just here for the fun of it.  I’d like to make sure I finish in under 2 hours, but secretly hope I can shave some minutes off that time somewhere.  We’ll see how the race feels.

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  1. Congratulations on completing your first triathlon. That is something I would like to do but my swimming is not strong at all. So, I will continue with my long distance running (half’s)with a goal of completing full someday.

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