Biggest Goose Egg I’ve Ever Seen!

Poor Cohen – he was alone downstairs for less than 30 seconds when … something happened.  I’m still not clear what, though I suspect it involved Cohen’s head and the tile floor (probably meeting in a violent demonstration of Newton’s Third Law of Motion).

One day before family photos too.  30 minutes of ice was all I could get him to sit still for.  The fact that he sat still for 30  minutes was almost more concerning than the goose egg.

If You Use Google Products or Services, Read This

Anyone who uses Google’s products or services, such as gmail, gtalk, google searches, etc should read this article at Ars.  It discusses how you can access your dashboard to see what information Google keeps on you, and you can opt out of various parts as needed.

As someone who reluctantly uses Google (my account on gmail is called “reluctantkirk” – doesn’t get more obvious than that) and who tries to keep my privacy intact as much as possible, I was a little disconcerted to see that I could go back and see an eternal history of Google searches and that somehow several friends have ended up as Google contacts when I didn’t intend them to (I don’t want to share their info with Google if it can be avoided).

That being said, the dashboard allows you to manage these things, delete history, remove contacts, etc.  Thank you Google for trying to make money without doing evil.

The Sound Of A Tree Falling In The Forest

Wow – 5 years ago I started this little blog.  Such a very different life I live now – 2.75 children, wonderful dog, beloved wife (well, she was there at the start of things too).  A very different, and very full life.

Looking at the use of the site I see that I’m very popular with Google and Bing – their spiders come by quite frequently causing me to erect robot-patrolled fences around certain areas to stop them from chewing up my bandwidth.  But real live people just aren’t discovering my wit, wisdom, and general humour.

I’ve asked myself recently why I blog, why I tweet – it takes time and I’m not sure I want to continue spending time on it.  I came up with a few good answers (honestly!).  However all the reasons could be achieved with less time invested.  I don’t think anyone actually reads these posts – so essentially I’m posting to myself.  Which makes this post somewhat … weird.

I’m leaving off blogging and communicating via static pages in general.  I’ve avoided FaceBook and MySpace, Geocities and all that ilk.  I think the Internet has its purpose, but I do not think it is OK to have its main purpose to be self reflection and time sinking.

So I plan to re-examine the use of this domain.  I look back at 5 years of posts and smile as it is a good chronicle of some parts of my life.  This will be my 364th post here – there has to be some value in there somewhere, right?  But I’m ending things with you today – we may revisit our relationship soon enough, but first I need to make things officially over.

So goodbye, farewell, enjoy your freedom.  I plan to enjoy mine.

Lighter Fair – They’re On The Job!

Now here’s a nice/nasty Best Man’s prank on the groom – a pressure sensitive pad on the marital bed that tweets when the newlyweds “get it on”.  How long until this guy’s real identity is found out?

Of course in today’s world, do we have any proof that this isn’t just a brilliant new social advertising campaign by the manufacturer of these devices?

Seriously SFU! Did You Even Look At It?

I received a Continuing Studies catalogue from SFU the other day.  I glanced through it and was dumbstruck by an advertisement on page 35.

SFU Advertisement
SFU Advertisement

Seriously?  Did anyone even look at the picture before putting it in the ad?  Are they trying to ensure that no women join their programs?  Why would they choose a picture of a women who looks uncertain, or slightly confused?  Why put two men laughing, looking in her direction?  Two Caucasian men – one of who (to me at least) seems to be laughing at someone else’s expense?  They were even so good at choosing images that it looks like the man in the white shirt’s hand is the hand in front of the lady presenting.  It’s almost as though someone actually put some thought and effort into this train wreck.

Could anyone look at this image combination and say “Hey – good stuff!  SFU students have fun and have interactive classes.”  Obviously someone at SFU did …

I’ve emailed the Continuing Studies program and the alumni association – as an alumni myself, I find this unacceptable.

Tragedy of the Common and Shifting the Burden

I recently attended a brief workshop on environmental issues and systems thinking.  There I was introduced to two labels that really resonated for me:  labels for problems we’re facing in this world.  Things I know are wrong, but haven’t been able to put into words easily.  These ideas captured some of those scattered thoughts.

Tragedy of the Commons

Shifting the Burden